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April Birthstone - Diamond

April Birthstone Diamond Ring OfferDiamond is one of the most sought after gemstones. Its name is derived from the ancient Greek word ‘adámas or adamant’ (meaning ‘unbreakable’ or ‘invincible’), which reflects its amazing durability. Once known as the hardest substance found in nature, a diamond can only be scratched or damaged by another diamond. It is the hardness of diamond that makes it perfect for use in jewellery making.

Diamonds are formed under intense pressure and heat in the earth’s mantle, located beneath the earth’s crust. Diamonds are mined mainly in Africa, as well as Russia, Canada, Australia, Botswana and Congo. The largest gem-quaility diamond ever discovered is the Cullinan Diamond (Star of Africa), which was found in Pretoria, South Africa and weighed a whopping 3106.75 carats.


Pure diamond is colourless, so the colour evaluation of a transparent diamond gem is based on the absence of colour.  It is measured using the GIA’s D-Z colour grading scale – this begins with the letter D, representing colourless, and continues, with increasing presence of colour, to the letter Z. The amount of yellowish colour decreases the value of a ‘colourless’ stone.

Pure diamond exhibits a wonderful dispersion, a term used to describe the splitting of white light into the colors of the spectrum. The purer the diamond, the more true colour it will reflect, adding to its value.

Carat Weight

A metric carat is defined as 200 milligrams. Diamond weights greater than one carat are expressed in carats and decimals. Diamonds of equal carat weight can have very different values based on other factors such as their cut or clarity.

Brian Fulton Diamond Jewellery

Worn by a person born in April, a diamond will bring good luck and protection. A diamond signifies enduring love, so it’s perfect for engagement, wedding and eternity rings and other romantic jewellery gifts. It also signifies courage, invincibility and strength, making it appropriate for friends and family members too!

Also, diamond jewellery is timeless and elegant, so you’re guaranteed your favourite item will always be in fashion. See below for some of our favourite diamond jewellery designs from the current collection.

Necklets and Pendants


Devotion Diamond Necklace

Devotion Pendant (£2,499.00)

Devotion is a wonderfully tactile and weighty pendant which flows with movement and glistens from all angles.

Shown in 18ct white gold set with a 0.20ct round brilliant cut FVS 1 diamond, also available in 18ct yellow gold, 18ct rose gold and platinum.

This fabulous design is shown fitted on an 18″ white gold chain, although other chain lengths are also available on request.

Glisten Diamond PendantGlisten Pendant (£1,197.00)

Glisten is just what this stunning piece does!

Our exclusive glisten pendant is shown in 18ct white gold and is set with a series of bright FVS 1 round diamonds that sparkle and shine.

Also available in 18ct yellow gold, 18ct rose gold and in platinum.

Glisten is shown fitted with an 18″ chain however other chain lengths are available on request.

Wishes PendantWishes Pendant (£859.00)

Exclusive and unique, this stunning horse shoe shaped pendant is shown in 18ct white gold, shimmering with 0.12ct small round diamonds, on a 18ct white gold chain.

Wishes is available in 18ct yellow and white gold and also in platinum too, please ring us on 017687 79798 for details.



Velocity Diamond Earrings

Velocity Earrings (£1,999.00)

Our Velocity earrings are both unique and beautiful diamond drops, set with 0.30ct FVS 1 round brilliant cut diamonds.

Shown in 18ct white gold Velocity is also available in 18ct yellow gold and in platinum, please contact us on 017687 79798 for details.

Evolve Diamond EarringsEvolve Earrings (£799.00)

Our Evolve design earrings are beautiful, fossil-shaped diamond ear studs set with fabulous FVS 1 round diamonds.

Shown in 18ct white gold, Evolve is also available in 18ct yellow gold and in platinum.

Intrigue EarringsIntrigue Earrings (£732.00)

Intrigue are amazing single diamond ear studs set with fantastic FVS 1 princess cut diamonds.

Shown in 18ct white gold intrigue is also available in 18ct yellow gold and in platinum.


Elegant diamond engagment

Elegant Engagement Ring (£890.00)

A classic design this four claw diamond solitaire ring is both stunning and desirable.

The round brilliant cut diamond is held with four claws.

The ring is shown in 18ct high palladium white gold and is set with a single FVS1 0.25ct diamond, however it can be made with a larger diamond should you so desire!

There is a matching wedding band available which is contoured to compliment Elegant perfectly; this is available in either plain or diamond set for that extra sparkle!

Carress Diamond Wedding RingCaress Wedding Ring (£1,559.00)

This shaped wedding ring was designed to fit snuggly with our “caress” diamond solitaire ring. It’s a stunning and beautifully crafted ring that is equally delightful whether worn alone or with its partner.

The ring is set with approximately 0.35ct of round brilliant cut FVS1 diamonds and is shown in 18ct white gold; however you can choose to have it in 18ct yellow or platinum too.

It is also available as a single row design.

Dote eternity ringDote Eternity Ring (3,279.00)

Dote is a classic diamond set eternity ring set with round brilliant cut diamonds.

Beautifully detailed and finished with a flat profile, Dote is shown set with 1ct  diamonds of  FVS 1 round diamonds; however this design is available in any variation of precious stones such as diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald.

You can choose to have this ring in 18ct yellow or white gold or in platinum, please contact us for details.

Bespoke Diamond Jewellery

For something extra special, why not take advantage of our bespoke service?

Brian Fulton offers a fully comprehensive service from initial designs to the unique finished item. Commissions are available in any combination of precious metals and finishes, 18ct gold, platinum, fine coloured gem stones and beautiful diamonds.

Each piece is individually tailored and hand crafted, our skilled designers will guide you, using your imagination and our technical skills to create within your requirements and budget.

Within four weeks you’ll have the bespoke piece which will be made completely in house, in our workshop.

Whether using your own diamonds, re-modelling a family heirloom, or a diamond that we have hand selected and sourced for you, you will be involved in the design process to create a custom made, unique piece for you to treasure. Click here for information.

See below for some examples of our recent bespoke diamond jewellery.

Brian Fulton Bespoke Diamond Jewellery

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