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January Birthstone - Garnet

Garnet Jewellery UK

Garnet is derived from the Latin word ‘granatum’, meaning pomegranate, as garnet crystals closely resemble the ruby red seeds found inside this fruit. Garnets can be found in countries such as Brazil, Botswana, Kenya, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Thailand, Russia and Spain. Garnet is commonly found in highly metamorphosed rocks and in some igneous rocks. They form under the same high temperatures and  pressures that form those types of rocks.


Garnets come in several varieties, red garnets being the most common. Other colours include orange, pinkish orange, purplish red, and even blue. Tsavourite, a green garnet, is rarer as it requires rarer rock chemistries and conditions to form than other varieties.

Certain varieties of garnet change colour under depending what light they are under, ranging from green, blue, beige and brown in daylight, changing to red, purple or pink hues under incandescent lighting. This is especially true for the rare blue garnet found in Madagascar, which looks blue-green in daylight, but appears purple under bright lighting due to high amounts of the metal Vanadium.


Pyrope – ruby red (transparent/translucent).

Almandine – dark red (opaque).

Spessartine – orange/orange red (transparent).

Grossular – varicoloured, includes green, orange-brown, yellow, yellow-green (transparent).

Andradite – green, yellow, black.

Carat Weight

Garnets can be found in all sizes and weights. Some garnets, like demantoid and tsavorite, are more commonly found in small sizes, so their value goes up significantly with size.

Brian Fulton Garnet Jewellery

Garnet signifies eternal friendship, loyalty and sincerity, making our stunning garnet jewellery items the perfect gift to give to friends and loved ones. Any of our designs can be created using the garnet colour of your choice, please contact us for details.

Garnet birthstone jewellery UKBon Bon – An exquiste tsavorite collection of statement rings in 18ct white gold, each ring set with a single round brilliant cut 0.16ct rich green Tsavorite.Equally beautiful worn on their own or stacked beside another Bon Bon ring (pictured right), this design is made to collect and covet! Click the image to view the BonBon ring in more detail.

Beautifully detailed and finished with a softly contoured and slim ring shank and available in any variation of precious stones such as ruby, sapphire and garnet. You can also choose to have this ring in 18ct yellow, white or rose gold, or in platinum, please contact us for details.

Bespoke Garnet Jewellery

For something extra special, why not take advantage of our bespoke service?

Brian Fulton offers a fully comprehensive service from initial designs to the unique finished item. Commissions are available in any combination of precious metals and finishes, 18ct gold, platinum, fine coloured gem stones and beautiful diamonds.

Each piece is individually tailored and hand crafted, our skilled designers will guide you, using your imagination and our technical skills to create within your requirements and budget.

Within four weeks you’ll have the bespoke piece which will be made completely in house, in our workshop.

Whether using your own garnet gemstones, re-modelling a family heirloom, or a garnet that we have hand selected and sourced for you, you will be involved in the design process to create a custom made, unique piece for you to treasure. Click here for information.

Our Tsavourite Rotherham ring is an example of our recent work, please see below. Rotherham Tsavorite ring

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